I'm 21 years old struggling to recover from a 6 year battle with anorexia with bulimic tendencies, depression, anxiety,OCD, PTSD, Self Injury, and ADHD. Message me any time I love meeting new people and talking. I'll always listen <3

Warning: this blog may be triggering

OH! y tambien hablo espanol <3

I do not promote self harm or eating disorders. I blog hoping people can relate to what i'm struggling with. Anyone who wants an eating disorder or thinks you can just get one...go to hell. thats where you'll end up anyway if you had an eating disorder.


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Come off anon I’m not posting that for everyone


I miss my little brother…I haven’t seen him in so long but he lives with my dad and my dad wants noting to do with me :(

Reblog if you have ever



-harmed yourself

-didn’t feel good enough

-been bullied

-sexually abused


-felt worthless

-thought you were fat

-felt ugly

-felt like no one cared

-had suicidal thoughts

-tried to commit suicide


-hated yourself 

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Every one except OD

Sad that I am reporting this for just about everything on the list …

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Anorexia bulimia and eating disorders

I need to talk like not pro Ed but I need to vent about how much I like my Ed and what it does for me and how much I genuinely don’t understand when people tell me not fat…

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Before you read this, you need to realize I am not trying to attack you in any way. But I think your idea of beautiful is incredibly contorted....I was going through your blog and looked at the pictures of girls who are sickly thin and your comments show that that's what you wish you had....You need to realize that that is NOT something men find attractive (and usually only women suffering from eating disorders find it beautiful). I saw a picture of you and it made me scared for you. Please eat.

Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t an attack. Like I said I have no idea conceptually how I look. I literally can’t understand what I look like in pictures or the mirror. I think I’m fat it’s all I see and I don’t think I need to eat. I honestly think I need to lose weight.

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you are getting too thin D: Please stop, it's scaring me. I care about you and think you are so beautiful :(

Thanks I wish I saw it. I don’t understand what I see in the mirror I’m just so disconnected from my body I have no idea what I look like. I genuinely see all kinds of flaws and fat everywhere. :/

Disgusted with myself.

I binged and purged all day. ALL DAY. Like to a disgusting point. I hate it and myself. I just want to be recovered and feel better.